Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The following list of what ladies want is based on my personal research and informal interviews. Even though this information is projected for men alone women also may benefit from reading it as well.
 What Women Want in a Man
  • A man who is self-assured.
  • A man who loves her.
  • A man who is caring & does romantic things for her.
  • A man who finds her pretty at all times and in all places.
  • A man who gives her protection by totaling (committing) to her.
  • A man who is a good giver for her and any kids.
  • A man who is determined.
  • A man who has an occupation or is working towards one.
  • A man who takes care of his character.
  • A man who is an idealist.
  • A man with a good judgment of humor
  • A man who listens to her for a few minutes daily.
  • A man who compliments her view.
  • A man who she finds good-looking.
  • A man who dresses well & appropriately to occasions.
  • A man who keeps his body in shape.
  • A man who has the same ideals and principles as her.
  • A man who has the same vision for the future as she.
  • A man who can be trustworthy to her.
  • A man who can be susceptible but strong.
  • A man who she can love without end!
Myths About What Women Want
That all women, want a man who is tall, muscular, and handsome.  It is not true. Just a small percentage of women tends’ to love men with these characteristics. Most women are more attracted to a self-confident, ambitious, and intelligent man. They are not for ones driven by is outward looks.
That all women, want a man who is rich. It is not true at all. A small percentage of women, go for rich men. The top main concern of most women is to have a man who loves them. Riches by itself, is not much of an encouragement for most women.
That all women, want a man who is well brilliant. If this has been you assertion as a guy, you have been on the wrong fucking side for such long a time. Make e no surprise you oo. It is just but a dying little percentage of women that likes such men. What the majority of women want most is a man who knows how to make crazy passionate love to her. This is what gives her true fulfillment.
That, women want a man without a bald head (haha… no laf abeg). Not true. It’s just a small percentage of women who don’t like bald or balding men. Some women like or even prefer bald men. Whether a man is bald or balding is not a top concern for most women. This is particularly true if the man is not consumed by his hair loss and is generally happy with his clean head.
That, women want a man who will take them out every day or weekend and buy them a lot of stuff. Not, at all. Just a small percentage of women do these things. Most women do not look forward to to be taken out every weekend or showered with gifts. Women’s preferences for how they want to spend their weekends differ widely.
                   What women want most is a man who will simply love her.

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